May 29, 2012

Greatest Hits

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last five years of The Fall of James.

Inherit the Breeze

That's What She Said

SAHD - Day 16

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

Five Years Already?

Shuuuuuuut Uuuuuuuup!!!

Take It From Me

The Boys

Traveling with the Seven Dwarfs

Jedi Mind Tricks

To Jameson

Occupational Hazard

What is your favorite Fall of James post?


LBDucky said...

My top 2 are:


There is just something about Jameson - you look at him and you know he is special to the world.

James said...

Oh, I love those, too!

ElleBee said...

Love your blog, and I nearly choked trying to read "Jedi Mind Control" without laughing out loud. Work is a terrible place to try and catch up on blog reading!