Dec 5, 2009

The Boys

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It still blows my mind that I have three sons. And that I'm supposed to raise these boys to be men. It seems like such an awesome responsibility -- one that doesn't come with a manual or handbook. Though I guess it doesn't make sense to have a manual for raising men because the first page of the man manual would say "men don't read manuals."

Manual free, this Friday I got the opportunity to do some serious fathering when Julie's mom offered to take Amelia and Darwin for the day. With the house to ourselves, Jameson, Truman and I wasted no time delving into one of finer elements of manhood: Hot Wheels.

This was actually an issue we had been itching to tackle for some time. We have an extensive collection of cars, but let's be honest, it's not about the cars in and of themselves. It's about the jumps. The ramps. The air. Coincidentally, we just came into possession of a hundred feet of Hot Wheels track (thanks Curt), the key missing ingredient to truly appreciating our 1/64 scale hot rods and muscle cars. And without mom's better judgement to hinder our manly intentions, we set out to conquer gravity the way God intended -- with a Hot Wheels stunt track that spanned an entire flight of middle American prefabricated residential stairs.

In the words of Jameson, "this is going to rock."

PICT7093Our official launcher.

PICT7103The launch assistant.

PICT7090The track.

PICT7080At first our ramp was created with just a few DVD cases.

PICT7084Even with such a small ramp, we were getting some sweet jumps.

PICT7082I had to place myself in the line of fire to get these awesome shots.
Yes, it was dangerous, but it was worth it.

PICT7118Relatively speaking, you'd need 1/64 scale marbles the size of, um, marbles to drive this track.

PICT7092Why yes that totally sweet jump cleared the kitchen table. No biggie.



WeaselMomma said...

What awesome fun!!!!!! Male bonding at its best.

Kirst said...

I love when you post pictures because then it saves my mind from having to read. That's pretty, uh, badass too, btw. We use to stack movies together and try to build a track, but it doesn't even compare.

Anonymous said...

yes, your track is far superior to stacking movies...very nice


my name is Amanda said...

Niiiiice! I had totally forgotten about the many yellow plastic tracks and ramps my brother used to set up around the house for his Hot Wheel jumping. :) Fun stuff.

Charity Donovan said...


Trike said...

This is the only reason I'd have kids. This made me laugh and laugh.

Did the transfer of our track come with a copy of the Code of Secrecy? Because you were sworn to that when you were Jameson's age. *You* may not recall the tiny dents in the wall at Patty's house, but Patty does, so mum's the word.

Also, did Curt give you the loop-to-loop and banked ramp attachments? Because those are key for truly awesome track creations.

the projectivist said...

I hope Amelia was allowed to play? Girls like hotwheels too!

James said...

This is definitely one of the perks of having kids. I vaguely recall the Code of Secrecy -- either the actual event or being told the story before. Curt hasn't handed over anything but straight track. If we get our hands on more pieces there will have to be a follow up post. Maybe Santa can help out in this department.

Amelia is definitely a Hot Wheels girl too, but she hasn't gotten a chance to play with this setup yet. Next time Truman heads to Abuela's, we'll break it out again. I can only handle one two year old playing on the stairs at a time.

Cheryle said...

This is great (aka "badass"); boys' stuff is fun!