May 8, 2009

That's What She Said

Is there anything more sophisticated and witty than "that's what she said" jokes? Me thinks not. Luckily for all of you, I just stumbled across a list of "that's what she said" statements made on that eventful November day when Curt, Emily and I helped Kip move into his new downtown digs. Apparently, furniture moving is the perfect stage for this type of joke. Given the exhaustion and near delirium that set in on moving day, these seemed exceptionally funny at the time and worthy of a list. Like giggling in church, once it started, it was impossible to stop. Only the real, heat of the moment, genuine statements are included in this list. Anything that remotely felt like a setup was quickly voted out by the group. There were probably dozens more, but I didn't start keeping track until later in the day. By the way, amateur furniture moving becomes exponentially less productive once uncontrollable laughter sets in.

That's What She Said...
Why's your thing so dark?
Two is too many.
Do you want me in the middle or should I help Curt?
I'm not getting down there.
I need two more inches.
It's a two hander.
My end is high enough.
This one's more rigid.
Can you reach around and plug it in?
Now you get to smell the real me.


Trike said...

Ha! That was short but sweet.

Anonymous said...

I liked "now you get too smell the real me" but I'm afraid to ask who said it.


James said...

"Now you get to smell the real me" is my favorite. It makes me laugh and gag at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Well put James!


Anonymous said...

I forgot all about these. Good stuff. Still the most fun I had moving anyone. -Em

James said...

Good thing Kip doesn't have nice stuff. There were a lot of laugh induced drops that day.

WoodHugger said...

"the most fun I had moving anyone"

That's what she said!

Chatter said...

Emily told me about the hilarious
moving day. Glad to finally read the comments that led to "that's what she said". For some stupid reason I told Nathan about it and ever since that phone call many of weeks ago, I think I've heard that phrase over a hundred times.