Nov 3, 2010

To Jameson

Dear Jameson,

Your mom and I met with your preschool teacher this evening to discuss your school year thus far.  She said if she had to use one word to describe having you in her class, it would be "delightful."  We were not at all surprised to hear this.  You are a very considerate and smart young man.  Your teacher also went on to say that you sometimes talk a little more than you should but you always raise your hand before speaking.  This is understandable.  We know you have many, many ideas running through your head and there are only so many hours in the day to give voice to those ideas.  She also mentioned that you are very good at following instructions.  Sometimes too good.  She said you tend to run out of time on your projects as you are so intent on doing things just right.  I'm sorry to say that this will probably never change as your father has suffered with this same challenge his entire life.  You can't rush perfection.  Finally, your teacher said that she loved having you in her class and she is always amazed how you sound like a "little gentleman" with what you say and how you say it.

Tonight was not the first time we've been told how delightful you are.  In fact, everyone we meet at your school has something truly nice to say about you.  Mom and I are very, very proud of the "little gentleman" you are becoming.


Mom and Dad

PS - Your teacher is well aware that corn is actually a grain, but for the sake of getting through your class discussion she was simply calling it a vegetable because that is how most people refer to it.


Trike said...

Dude, clones are illegal.

James said...

Eerie sometimes. So eerie.

Rebecca said...

Haha...I was thinking what a nice way this was to remember the conference, but then I got to the PS. That is hysterical!

Caroline said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha! The P.S. Is soooooooo James/Doug. Must be a genetic Murphy thing.

James said...

So, Caroline, you're saying there's no hope for him?