Nov 1, 2009

Sexy Time!

When you have four kids, making plans for Halloween partying can be a last minute undertaking. As with most aspects of our social life, it's all dependent on the babysitting situation. This weekend, Julie's parents came through for us and we got to attend a real live Halloween party. (Thank you!) Of course, we didn't cement our plans until the last minute and that made for some rushed costume plans. Like the night before Halloween rushed. The end result was Julie as some sort of white trash housewife with a big plastic wig that made her look like she was out of the Simpsons. My limited costume choices led to the merging of a Borat wig and mustache with an "ancient warrior" get up. I was "Boratacus." I think maybe I looked more like a 1st century Rick James. Whatever. I'll plan ahead next year. For those of you not in the know, the orange costume that my brother Kip is sporting below is DJ Lance Rock, from Yo Gabba Gabba! See the origin of DJ Lance here. (By the way, I'd rather go to this than a Wiggles concert any day.)

The party was great. Lots of great food and lots of alcohol. Both of which I had too much. Especially the alcohol. Let's just say it was a bumpy ride home. And let's just say that moving my sister into her new apartment this morning was the last thing I wanted to be doing. I am officially way too old for things like beer pong, jello shots and ice luges. I was officially too old for those things years ago, but I had to check one more time, just in case. Yes, way too old.

By the way, the ice luges weren't just your run of the mill blocks of ice. They were, um, shaped. Like things. I'm definitely, definitely too old for this.

Warning, the following pictures may offend some clergymen, Republicans and kindergarten teachers.


Caroline said...

The tightness of Kip's pants is... disturbing! :-)

Trike said...

Now when JJ, T-Man, Ames and the D-ster get busted for drinking, you will have zero credibility for punishing them.

Because they will drink. Yes they will. I mean, just look how their parents carried on in their THIRTIES.

For shame, for shame.

(Although if you had seen your grandmother and her sisters in their 60s, never mind their 30s, you wouldn't be surprised by your own shenanigans. Lord knows I ain't. :p)

Chatter said...

Disturbing. Caroline couldn't have put it better.

Jay Ferris said...

Never before have children's characters and adult situations blended so seamlessly.

Also? That video on the origin of DJ Lance Rock? Awesome.