Aug 5, 2007


The worst time to decide your bathroom needs to be painted a different color?
a) When you have sick two year old running around who would throw a tantrum even if you just told him he could eat candy for every meal for the rest of his life.
b) When you have a wife 5 months pregnant with twins and unable to be around paint fumes.
c) The night before you're first home showing since you put your house on the market.
d) All of the above.

What a night.  And morning.  I finished painting around 4:00 a.m.  Jameson was up and at 'em three and a half hours later.  Uggh.  More on the get-the-house-ready-for-the-one-prospective-buyer-who-shows-up-at-your-open-house projects later...

FYI for you potential house painters out there:  Contrary to popular belief, your hand does not get steadier the later it gets and the more Pepsi you drink.

The good news is, I somehow didn't cop out on my half-marathon training and ran 6 miles this evening in 68 minutes.  Not only is that the longest distance I've every run, my goal time was 72 minutes!

Lots of pictures to post tomorrow, but for now, here's one of my wife Julie (left), 5 months pregnant and my sister, Amanda, 9 months pregnant.  My poor, round wife.  Only 4 months to go...

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hoolie said...

We are crazy, aren't we? I appreciate the pregnant picture posting for the world to see, hun . . . and thanks for telling me when I'm half asleep in bed.