Mar 12, 2010

Seize the Bacon

I'm not a diehard sports fan, by any means, but I do loves me the NCAA Tournament. And the first week of the tournament is especially awesome because it's also the week of St. Patrick's day. And the opening round play in game is hosted here in Dayton. Back in my days of gainful employment I would actually take off the entire week, attend the play in game, drink lots of beer and enjoy the all day basketball coverage of the March Madness package.

But, my week long holiday is a thing of the past. (Because every week is a holiday now that I'm a stay at home parent, right?) It's not quite going to be a week of gluttony and sloth, but there will still be plenty of basketball viewing. And with the NCAA Tournament it's pretty much a given that you also have to have NCAA Tournament Bracket Pools. And with NCAA Tournament Bracket Pools it's pretty much a given that you also have bacon. Which brings us to...

The first annual Seize the Bacon Bracket Challenge brought to you by The Fall of James.

Now as much as I'd like to make this a cash money affair, I really don't want the headache. But a bracket pool without something to win is just plain lame. Which brings us to...

The Seize the Bacon Bracket Challenge Prize Package
  • Bacon flavored lip balm (brought to you by the makers of Baconnaise)
  • A limited edition autographed 5x7 glossy photo of yours truly
  • The naming rights for the sun (yes, that sun)

I know, right -- that's some top notch swag.

Get in on the action now:

Group: Seize the Bacon
Password: bacon

1 comment:

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I'm in. But only because that prize package will make a sweet white elephant gift come Christmas time.

(That lipbalm isn't made from bacon grease is it?)