Nov 3, 2014

Build a Bigger Iceberg

I took some of the kids camping this weekend (mom stayed home with a sick child and a homebody). We go camping around this time most years. It's freezing cold outside and it's my favorite time to camp. It's the kind of camping where a fire isn't just for looks or roasting marshmallows -- it's for keeping your toes from going numb. The campground is mostly empty and there isn't a bug to be found. It feels just a bit more survivalist and that makes it all the more invigorating.

This was a fairly cold one. The low was 26º and the high was 40º. The kids were completely unfazed and hats and coats somehow managed to become optional. (How do such little bodies with so little insulating fat maintain so much heat?) We were well fed with food and drink that warmed from the inside. The peacefulness of it all was amplified by the cool air and nearly bare trees. We had no choice but to unwind. And, the best part, there was no talk of movies, video games and cell phones.

The water couldn't have been more than 35 degrees.

My grandfather built this killer campfire rig in his shop.
My kids never met him, but they're impressed with his work.

While this may look like chopping firewood, in reality it was
getting the splitter caught in a log. Repeatedly.

The cold was for real.

Cold weather camping bonus: No need for ice!

Junior sausage chef.

Biker heaven.


★Wan Jing said...

just bloghopping. interesting entry about camping in the winter. awesome photos of camping, winter and the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Man!! This makes me wish I would have came up for a day!
Looks like fun!
Heard Darwin is riding a bike now!And Max picked up the scooter like a pro.
Camping is becoming easier and a lot more fun with the kids getting older.


Chatter said...

I wish we could have been there as well. Great pictures. Looks like fun!

scooping it up said...

i am not hardy stock. i would elect to send my kids with you, as i could not stomach it.