Aug 20, 2012

Weekend in Pictures - Birthday Edition

My nephew celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend and my sister threw a killer party for him, complete with pizza, puppies and pie fights.

Baseball themed. Natch.

If there's one thing all pregnant women love, it's being poked in the belly.

Yay! Cute puppies!

Yay! Cute babies!

Ready! FIGHT!!!

Director of activities.

How did we never play this game in college?

Dignity is overrated.

Cheetos perms gone bad.

You have no idea what just happened, but trust me, you won.

Dear god when will these fools stop.

Ewwwww, a piece of grass in my hair.

I could get used to this look.

The aftermath.


Mander said...

I Love these pictures! Thank you for taking them.

Prego said...

I look like a giant in comparison to Corey! hahaha

Chatter said...

Fun, fun! I can't wait to see everyone!!

Holli said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. What a fun game! Found you via Multiples and More. Thanks for sharing.