Aug 21, 2012

Passing of the Torch

So we all got up early this morning, had a big breakfast and piled into the minivan to take Jameson to school for his first day of first grade -- his first day of being in school for the whole day. It's a big day in a young man's life. The household excitement (which led to a "first day of school" dance in our bedroom at the crack of dawn) is amplified by the fact that Truman and Amelia are also joining Jameson for the first time as they join the pre-kindergarten program at the same school. Even Darwin is excited as he finally gets to "pick all the shows" while his older siblings are out of the house. And Eliana is excited, too, but that's just because that's how she rolls.

Julie did the honors of taking Jameson into school and escorting him to his classroom (with nary a tear shed). He was the first student in his room and Julie said he sat quietly at his new desk while he examined the room and sized up his new teacher. (For the record, Julie has already stated that the combination of a young and cute teacher and Jameson's romantic heart will guarantee a crush this year.)  Sitting quietly at a desk is not Jameson's usual modus operandi -- this is a side of him that only surfaces under certain circumstances like the first day of school in a new classroom with a new teacher. It's not really a nervous or anxious response -- his confidence is still there, but you can tell he's doing a full mental assessment of the environment and the situation. Unfortunately for his new teacher, the quiet and reserved Jameson will be short lived. I'd love to have a webcam broadcasting from his classroom so I could watch the transformation unfold.

Truman and Amelia don't start school until after lunch, so we headed home to start our new daily routine sans Jameson. The significance of today's milestone was not lost on Truman. He ran into the house, calling over his shoulder, "C'mon, Darwin! I'm going to teach you to play video games!"


Mander said...

I'm gasping at the fact that he was the first student in the classroom rather than him actually being in Kindergarten!

James said...

Ha, ha.