Jul 27, 2012

What Did the Toothpaste Ever Do to You?!

The tube on the bottom is mine.
The tube on the top belongs to a certain someone with whom I share a bathroom.

I've been known to be a little obsessive compulsive every now and again. When it comes to dispensing toothpaste, for example, I'm a flatten from the bottom kind of guy. I don't go so far as to roll the bottom and I'm not tormented by a desire to obtain every last drop of paste before disposing of the tube. But I do appreciate a little neatness when it comes to my oral hygiene products. On the other hand, watching someone's Johnny Benchian manhandling of a tube of toothpaste ranks on the agitation list right behind folding a map incorrectly and right above leaving empty toilet paper rolls on the holder.

So, quick survey in the comments: Are you a soulless gorilla-fister or an irreproachable flattener? (And do you live with someone who is the opposite?)


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I squeeze from the middle when the tube is more full...but I'm relentless in getting every last glob from the tube.

And Hubby and I have never shared a bathroom. I credit our 13-year marriage with that fact. ;)

Trike said...

I am a lobster pincher.