Jun 25, 2012

World Famous Delicious Lemonade

This weekend we crashed my sister-in-law's garage sale to hawk some of our own junk. The kids took the opportunity to set up a lemonade/cookie stand and make a few bucks themselves.

A few notes from our first garage sale:

  • I forgot to bring my camera. Doh.
  • Garage sales seem to be as much a social event as anything.
  • I'm not good at garage selling. I accept any and all offers. I'm just amazed that someone wants my crap.
  • Given the above, many people missed out on deals. I told a little boy that a toy gun was $1.00. His mom said "we're not paying $1.00 for a toy gun" and they walked away. I told another boy that the same toy gun was a $1.00 and he said, "I'll give you fifty cents." Sold.
  • There are two types of people in this world: Those who can't say no to little kids selling lemonade. And jerks.
  • Each of my kids have their own selling style. Jameson is very straightforward - here are our products, here are our prices, here is the deal. Truman assumes the sale - he brings the lemonade to you, puts it in your hand and then waits for you to pay up. Amelia is all about enthusiasm - announcing to the world how great her product is... with exuberance. Darwin plays the cute card - in a quiet voice he says, "lemonade" and then lays on the puppy dog eyes, big time.
  • It's best not to sell previously received gifts at a garage sale where the people that gave you said gifts will be in attendance.

We squeezed lots and lots and lots of lemons.

When you weigh less than fifty pounds, lemon squeezing is no small feat.


Lemon juicing. From above.


As usual, Eliana was of no help. Though she certainly seemed amused by our efforts.

Lemon juice squirting accident waiting to happen.

Never trust a toothless lemonade salesman in a worn out old hat.

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