Jun 21, 2012

Oh What a Weekend - Part III

I survived the first part of the weekend and was awoken Sunday morning by a mob of kids who could hardly wait to show me their handmade Father's Day gift (that Julie somehow managed to get done during the madness of Friday and Saturday). In a matter of seconds my bed went from a heavenly cocoon of hibernation to a tangled mess of bed sheets and tiny ice cold hands and feet. After graciously accepting my ceremonial offering I promptly kicked everyone the hell out of my room so I could grab a few more precious moments of sleep on this third and final day of fatherly f├ęting.

Sunday was the more traditional Father's Day celebration of beer, barbecue and backyard football.

Fathers of the day. Some old. Some new.

Truman giving Uncle Kip a lesson in perseverance.

Aunt Hannah, incubating her own Father's Day gift.

Pregnant women love public displays of affection caught on camera.

Eliana enjoying her final days as grandma's only grand-baby.

Grandpa with his only (as far as we know right now) granddaughters.

Another long, fulfilling Father's Day weekend in the bag. We should do this again sometime.

1 comment:

Trike said...

You four look mighty pleased with yourselves.

Also, Eliana's eyes... have you tested her for telekinesis yet?