May 24, 2012

Nine Hundred and Ninety-Eight

This is my 998th blog post on The Fall of James.


I asked Julie to guess the total number of posts on The Fall of James. She said, "200."

Julie is bad at math guessing. (And I'm bad at grammar.)

I started this blog on Sunday, July 27, 2007. I'm surprised it has lasted this long. I'm surprised that I've posted nearly a thousand times. I'm glad it's still going. I originally started The Fall of James thinking that it would be a useful digital scrapbook and that it would keep interested friends and family up to date on our increasingly busy lives. Just five short years ago, things were very different in our life. Julie and I had only been married a couple of years. We had one, JUST ONE, kid. We both worked. We lived in a little house in the purgatory between Dayton and Cincinnati otherwise known as Franklin, Ohio. We had dogs. We owned breakable stuff. We slept.

A lot has happened in the last five years.

Which, of course, is why I started this blog. My first blog post:
My wife, Julie, and I found out a couple of months ago that we are (she is) pregnant with twins. God willing, they will be arriving some time this fall, shortly after our first son turns two. Which should be right around the time we're moving out of our current house and moving into the house we just started building. (Well, we're not actually building it ourselves. That's what we're paying other people to do. On top of becoming a parent of multiples and building a house, I've also decided to run my first half-marathon this fall. I'm 20 pounds overweight and haven't done any vigorous exercise for a few years, so I'm sure I can get in race shape in a few weeks.
It was only five years ago, but it feels like decades. Since that original post we built two houses, sold one, lived with my in-laws for a year, found new homes for our dogs, got pregnant four times, had a miscarriage, had twins, had two more singleton kids, we watched Bring It On too many times, I ran a half marathon, I quit my job, I became a stay-at-home parent, we took the kids to Florida, Vegas and Seattle, we took the kids on the Appalachian Trail, various kids started school, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis, we went to funerals and weddings, we welcomed new relatives into the world, I learned to cook, Julie learned to be a programmer, an accountant and a financial analyst, we stayed up late and got up early, we cried, we laughed...

We laughed a lot. How couldn't we?

Wow. In retrospect, things seem pretty boring these days.

So five years and a thousand posts seems like a milestone of some sort. Who knows if this will last through another thousand posts, but I should probably think of something to mark the occasion. I'll get back to you on that. Maybe this weekend I'll take a trip down memory lane and find some of my favorite posts of the last five years and share them with you -- I always love going back through my blog. That was kinda the point all along...


Trike said...

You just couldn't hold off until 1,000. Premature enumeration.

Jay Ferris said...

A life well-lived and thoroughly documented. Nice work!!

On a related note, you do have a back-up made of all these posts, right?