Mar 21, 2012

Out of Shape Mudder

Almost five years ago I was fit enough to complete a half marathon. Since then I've become a complete exercise slacker. A fat ass. Five years ago was also when Julie was pregnant with babies number 2 and 3. Ever since then, I've been conveniently using the birth of new babies as the excuse for my slovenly ways.

But no more. Julie and I have decidedly exited the baby making business and have committed to 2012 being our year of fruitless sex. I mean our year of getting fit. (And I meant "fruitless" in the best way possible, honey.) I'm so committed to it that I've even added a page to my blog dedicated to my ambitious fitness goals. I have a long way to go, but I've already made some progress. So far I've lost five pounds and quadrupled my pull up capacity (granted I went from 1 to 4). Now I want to start hitting the running aspect, too. I'm registered to run the USAF half marathon after my five year absence and between now and then I'm also going to tackle a Tough Mudder event.

I thought about posting some topless "before" photos to help document my progress, but Julie hates it when I pose for photos in my cutoff jean shorts.

(If you're also one of those running types and use Nike+, you can find me there as FallofJames.)

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Mander said...

Where is my invite for the Tough Mudder event?