Jan 3, 2012

Old Man

I am now 35 years old.

I weigh 185 pounds.
I cannot run 5 miles without stopping.
I can eat a Big Mac in 6 bites.
I cannot do 20 push-ups.
I can take a nap any time, any place.
I cannot carry my kids up to bed without panting.
I can collect ludicrous amounts of lint in my bellybutton.

That all changes this year.

Except the nap part. I love naps.

Oh, and it will all be made more dramatic by taking ostentatious self portraits.


Chatter said...

I need to steal this idea for a blog post. Mine would read much the same (minus belly button lint and your mad napping skills).

Chatter said...

Great self-portrait btw!

Anonymous said...

Did you get my text wishing you a Happy Birthday? If you did, thanks for ignoring me!
Since this maybe the only way you'll acknowledge me, you DO NOT have to pick me up from the airport Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Big mac in three bites!?

Trike said...

For me, 185 was just a sign on the highway to 240.

James said...

You're driving a bigger rig than me, though.