Dec 21, 2011

There's Something on the Wing

If the kids get noisy at a restaurant, we can go to the car. If they start fighting at the movie theater, we go home. If all hell breaks loose on an airplane, we can... well... we're screwed.

We left Chicago and flew to Kansas City. We stayed on the plane in K.C. and then flew to Seattle. In total, we were on the plane for about six hours.

I'm happy to report, getting on and off the plane was the biggest challenge of the whole flight. Julie had Eliana and a huge diaper bag full of supplies and snacks. I had an equally large backpack full of "entertainment" plus Darwin's heavy and bulky car seat. Luckily the kids shined at this point. They walked ahead of me, single file, to the back of the plane. They looked like seasoned business travelers.

Bringing Darwin's car seat, while cumbersome, was great. It basically made him a non-factor on the plane. He's used to his seat, was comfortable, could easily sleep and didn't complain about getting out of his seat. It was basically like a long car ride for him.

As for everyone else, they did amazingly well. There were a few moments of bickering here and there, but nothing noteworthy. We had a good rotation of entertainment including iPhones, the DS, coloring books, sticker books and the DVD player.

One thing I learned: Be proactive about bathroom breaks. The kids wait until the last minute to share their bladders' intentions and Murphy's Law says they will have to pee as soon as there are four people waiting in line for the loo. Also, about 30 minutes before landing is a good time to make everyone take a potty break. Otherwise it could be an hour before you have access to a bathroom again.


Trike said...

Oh, to be able to shrink myself down to 3 feet tall when riding on planes.

You may not remember this, but when you and your siblings were your kids' age, Jim & Clara took you to a restaurant and the older couple you all sat next to cringed. But you were all quiet and well-behaved, and when they left the guy gave you each a coin. Might've been a 50-cent piece or a silver dollar, I don't remember.

Tipping kids for being quiet, a concept that will never get old.

Chatter said...

I'm impressed. We only flew 2 1/2 hours and the boys were pretty stir crazy by the end. Of course, we barely packed any entertainment so the last half hour Landon flipped through Nathan's book on Oil & Gas. You two are much better at preparing. Glad to hear it went well! Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

So, the iPhone did NOT bring the plane down? Amazing.

I heard pilots will soon be allowed to use iPhones. They can store dozens of technical manuals weighing a hundred pounds or more on a phone easily.

- Curt