Dec 20, 2011

Ready or Not, Here We Come

Some people have called us crazy for having five kids in six years. I say, "Ha, I'll show you crazy! I'm going to take those five kids and fly them across the country in the middle of the holiday travel season!"

The crazy has begun.

Monday, we drove to Chicago. That was a solid six hours in the car. We topped that off by confining everyone to a hotel room that was slightly bigger than our minivan, for another 18 hours. Once everyone was good and stir crazy -- the at each other's throat variety -- we headed to the airport.

The smartest travel decision we made was getting to the airport three hours before our scheduled flight. I don't remember the last time I didn't feel rushed in an airport. The lack of pressure makes all the difference in the world in managing five youngsters in a busy airport. Not having to yell, "HURRY UP!" may add seven years to my lifespan.

1 comment:

Chatter said...

Yep, you are crazy beyond crazy. Maybe I should be picturing you in the mental hospital....