Oct 24, 2011

Fall Fail

My children are my worst clients. I wanted to scope out a location for an upcoming photo shoot, so I thought I would take my own kids there and get some nice fall pictures of them. It was disasterific. I managed one useable shot of the four bigs.

Jameson was really my only willing model.

Jameson wanted to do this pose. Because in movies, "people sometimes sleep on benches."

Jameson's two modeling looks are "serious" and "crazy."

This one is my favorite.

No wait, maybe this is my favorite.

Despite Jameson's serious modeling, sometimes ol' dad can pull out a smile...

Tried shooting Amelia, too. That didn't last long.


Chatter said...

Love, love, love the third one from the bottom! I miss fall in the midwest. So beautiful!

Trike said...

If you hadn't said anything, I would've assumed this was a successful outing, judging by the awesome pix.

James said...

Yes, I was pleased with these pictures... It was the 25% success rate with the intended subject matter that was a failure. I wish I had a behind the scenes video. It was bordering on comical.

LBDucky said...

The one where Jameson is smiling is amazing. I appreciate your photography.

Urchin said...

Good photos James. I like the one of Jameson on the bench.