Oct 10, 2011

Eliana Quinn

The only time I was separated from Julie was when they wheeled her into the operating room.
It only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

I thought regular deliveries were intense. They're nothing compared to a c-section.

Moments after delivery. Eliana has never been louder.

I LOVE that, much like a Taco Bell drive thru,
the hospital has instructional posters hung in the operating room.

Eliana may be our most chill baby, yet. Julie, are you sure you don't want more?

This is Amelia's life calling. And even the phlegmatic Truman can't hide his fascination.

There is no prouder big brother on the planet.

Good friends of ours were two doors down with their new son Dominic.
With nurses visiting every three minutes, smuggling beer into the room was no easy task.

So sweet. So calm.

Eliana has fully claimed her mum.

You'd think we'd brought home a puppy or something...


wesley's mom (sue) said...

She's beautiful, congratulations!!

Is that beer? In the hospital? Sweet.

Victoria said...

what a beauitful moment, celebration and family!!

that last photo is a classic :)

congrats to you all!!

Krystle said...

so cute. i love that last photo too!

Hoolie said...

I feel cheated that this is the first I am seeing of these pictures. Doesn't the mom get to see them before the rest of the world? They're good . . . and they are the most I want to remember of the operating room.

James said...

Actually, you have seen these pictures before. You were just hopped up on pain pills at the time, though...

Chatter said...

I can't believe your friend & wife delivered around the same time. That is crazy. Great pics. I can't wait to meet Eliana!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What a precious, precious baby girl! Congrats to you all!!!

I love the last picture of all the four siblings. And congrats for sneaking in that beer! HA!

kimba said...

I have been away, apologies. So excitedly happy for the gender mix to be a wee bit more in balance in your house..

Just did a search on 'Eliana' so now catching up on all baby news.

Congratulations James and Hoolie.
[any closer to sending the twins over to get an Australian education? *now enrolling* apparently..]