Oct 4, 2011

The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day. (Well, technically it's already here since it's after midnight.) It's weird that it's finally here after all this waiting. It's like I know what's coming, yet I'm still sure it's going to seem so new and be full of surprises.

Apple is announcing their next iPhone.

Are you as excited as I am?

Oh yeah, and we're having a baby.

I haven't done much blog updating on Baby Tiny lately, so let me give you the latest scoop: Julie has been having contractions for weeks now (some fairly intense) and we've even been to the hospital a couple of times to get checked out, but Baby Tiny has thus far refused to vacate the premises. (The premises being Julie's body.) Basically, the doctors have said her uterus is relaxed enough (thank you twins) that Tiny has plenty of room to maneuver and the contractions haven't been enough to get her to move into the birth canal. On top of that, Julie had an ultrasound two weeks ago and we discovered that Tiny, despite having been head down for many weeks, had flipped over and was breech (headed out feet first). It's unusual for a baby to flip this late in the pregnancy, but again, Tiny apparently is comfortable moving around in there however she pleases.

So here we are, in our 40th week. The plan is to go to the hospital tomorrow at the crack of dawn and do an ultrasound. Hopefully we'll see that Tiny has flipped back to the head down position. If she has, they'll induce labor right away. If she's not head down, they'll try a external version (trying to flip the baby manually from the outside). If they can get her head down, they'll induce. If they still can't get her to go head down, then they will perform a c-section tomorrow.

One way or another, Baby Tiny is joining our clan tomorrow.

I'll admit I'm way more excited about Baby Tiny's entrance into the world than the launch of another iPhone. (Though wouldn't a brand new iPhone be great for documenting and sharing said entrance?) And by excited about Baby Tiny, I think I might mean terrified. It's 1:00 in the morning and I don't feel like sleeping at all. There's a lot of adrenaline already pumping through me. It's not that I'm terrified by newborns or that I'm worried about having five kids aged six and under. But I do worry about Julie and the new baby during the actual birth. I'm nervous every time (though I try not to show it). Plus I'm getting a little anxious about how our whole family dynamic will change, especially after things seem to be so settled now. So while I am excited about meeting this wonderful new daughter, I am also nervous about a day that seems full of uncertainties.

Cross your fingers for us. Pray for us. Wear your lucky underwear. You know, all that good vibe stuff.


Anonymous said...

Good luck James and Julie.
I hope all goes well.


my name is Amanda said...

I've been a bad reader of other blogs for the last few months, so I can't remember if you have announced the sex of the new little one before this - but I just wanted to say that I'm happy to read that your family will be blessed with another daughter! Yay! Best wishes to your wife for a smooth delivery, and congratulations to you all!