Sep 12, 2011

Go Home!

8 minute apart contractions + 1 centimeter dilation = go the hell home

Despite Julie's best efforts to get unpregnant today, her mean old doctor sent her home from the hospital. So what you see in the picture below is not a woman getting ready to have a baby, but a woman sent to labor at home with a prescription of getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water. Sound advice if you have a cold, but not that great for this weary trooper who is being awoken by contractions at all hours of the night and who already spends half her day peeing.

It was an interesting trip back to the parking garage as every nurse, doctor and custodian had something to say along the lines of "you're headed the wrong way" or "see you soon!"

My water better not #$%! break on the way home.


Trike said...

Medicine ball smuggling champion, third year in a row.

Charity Donovan said...

that poor poor woman!

Krystle said...

What a perfectly round and adorable belly. I KNOW she doesn't feel it...but that is the most perfect belly ever

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I'll bet she wanted to smack that cute little belly up-side some of those folks' heads!

Wishing you all a safe delivery!

JulieJ said...

Ooo exciting! I hope the wait isn't/wasn't too long after the pic. x J

Chatter said...

Good luck Hoolie & James! Thinking of you and baby tiny this week!