Aug 26, 2011

Kid Quotes

My kids never shut up. Ever. They even talk in their sleep. They talk so much that every now and then they say something that I think is noteworthy, funny or strange (or all of the above). I love their little quirks and comments, so I try to capture some it with Facebook updates via my phone throughout the day. Here is a sample of what I've been collecting.

 Jameson: "I'm hungry all the time because I'm going through a growth spurg."

Observing Darwin's Hulk toothbrush...

Truman: "He's big."

"And he's strong."

"And he has broken pants."

Amelia: "Next week I'm going to be a boy.
Me: "No, you can't be a boy."
Amelia: "When I'm five?"

Truman: "I can smell things.

James: "Oh yeah? Like what?

Truman: "I can smell you."
James: "What do I smell like?

Truman: "Hotdogs."

Me: "Psst, Truman. Are you still awake?"
T: "No."
Me: "Oh. Are you asleep?"
T: "Yes."


Trike said...

They say the only question you can't answer "yes" to is, "Are you asleep?"

*They* have never met Caroline, who can carry on entire conversations while sound asleep. She does it with her eyes open, too.

James said...

Open eye sleepers are creeeeepy.

Anonymous said...

You sure are!

- Curt