Jul 11, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

The annual family reunion. The kind you eagerly anticipate, not dread.

The Murphy matriarchy.

Julia loves having her picture plastered across the internet. So I always oblige her.

Aunt Diane. Baby whisperer. Except Darwin.

Never a shortage of babies. Or baby holders.

You can't really beat renting the whole pool.

Every family has at least one black sheep.

Amelia continues her speeding bullet passage to teen-hood.

I said, "say cheese" and Darwin puffed out his chest. Seriously.

OK, maybe there's still some little girl left in this pepper pot.

More flexing.

Tilt shift Truman.

Hayley was just mad that Truman won the longest eyelashes competition.

All kinds of trouble brewing.

The End.
(Amelia's, to be exact.)


Trike said...

Did you do the tilt-shift in post? Is that an Aperture thing?

Anonymous said...

Where's the picture of all the kids?? You better have taken one.


James said...

The tilt-shift was faked in Aperture just using a blur brush, so you could pretty much do it in any photo editing program.

Sorry, Em, I didn't take many pictures and no group shots of the kids.