Jul 6, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Long weekend. Lots o' pictures.

Nothing like falling asleep with a good, upside down, book. Gotta be rested for the weekend.

It's Fourth of July weekend and I will eat my weight in hotdogs!

Moved a buddy from Cincinnati to Covington. Got to say "that's what she said" again.

Kip doing a fine job holding up the moving van bumper.

Finally took the kids (and grandpa) fishing in the pond that's 100 feet from our house. Dad fail for waiting so long.

One serious sportswoman.

Amelia: "We did it!"  Truman: "Can I touch it?"  Jameson: "Aww, I feel bad for him. He has a hook stuck in his lip."

And the sass grows.

What are you looking at!

Ack! I have a teenager!

Fourth of July food. I love Uhmurica.

Hawaiian ice. Just like in Hawaii.

The end.
(By the way, blow up bounce houses are taking over this country.)


Chloee said...

I used to love fishing with my dad, i was the best and the only girl. I either caught the most or the biggest, some of my best memories.

Chatter said...

I can't get over how much Darwin throws me for a loop. There is something different about that one...

See ya in 2 sleeps!! Woot, woot!