Jul 30, 2011

Always Amelia

Speaking of retro, we watched some old videos of the kids last night. When you're expecting a new baby there's nothing like watching video of your old babies to make you feel all sappy and emotional. You know the spiel -- they get big too fast, you wish you could relive those moments, blah, blah, blah.

I love watching these clips of the children and seeing how defined their personalities were at such a young age. In the video below, Amelia isn't even two yet, but she's SOOOOO Amelia. The intensity. The dramatic flair. The volume. Nothing's changed.


Trike said...

They say our core personalities are fixed by the time we're 2. You have more proof right there.

Trike said...

I'm just leaving this comment to see if activating my long-dormant Gmail account screwed up my Blogger account.