May 29, 2011

A Day in Photos

When I look through old posts on this here blog, I'm amazed at all the things I've documented and have already forgotten. It's one of the things that motivates me to keep blogging -- if I wasn't writing things down here I might barely have any recollection of the past few years of my life. I don't keep a journal, scrapbooking sounds torturous and I don't think I've written a single thing down in any of our kids' baby books. This is it.

One of the things I've always wanted to do is document a whole day with photos. I break out the camera all the time for noteworthy events, special days and random moments, but I've never taken the time to try capturing an entire nonspecific, run-of-the-mill day in the life of James. After reading another blogger's day in photos endeavor, I got motivated to tackle this project myself.

Before climbing into bed Thursday night, I set my camera on my nightstand in preparation for taking one photo, every hour, for an entire day. These are the results.

Friday, May 27, 2011

7:44 AM - Jameson obliges me by snapping the first photo of the day. Like most mornings, Amelia has finagled her way into my bed.

8:52 AM - Multiple bowls of Cheerios and bananas are served. I think my kids would eat this for breakfast every day if given the option.

9:45 AM - "Hereyago, Dadda. Hork!" Darwin earns his keep by helping me unload the dishwasher.

10:54 AM - One of the best parts of the day. LEGOs. Peace and civility reign for a solid hour.

11:53 AM - Someone doesn't care for Dad's leftover homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

12:48 PM - An hour later, Caillou is on, all chicken noodle soup transgressions are forgiven.

2:01 PM - Craft time! Let's color calaveras!

3:02 PM - Bring out the heavy artillery. We need some oatmeal raisin cookies up in this house.

3:58 PM - New shoes arrive in the mail! Two year old pseudo-Crocs can finally be retired.

4:59 PM - Some final outdoor fun before dinner.

5:58 PM - Sloppy joes for dinner. No protests from anyone.

7:06 PM - Oatmeal cookies mixed hours ago finally get baked. (And maybe one or four get eaten.)

8:09 PM - It's Friday night and Mom and Dad are headed out... maybe this isn't a typical day.

9:10 PM - Dinner part II. Mmmm, meat.

10:02 PM - Jason Bateman in the Horrible Bosses preview. May have to see this just for Charlie Day alone.

11:05 PM - Tonight's feature: The Hangover Part II. Hope the MPAA doesn't find out I was snapping photos...

12:27 AM - Back home and apparently ending my day much like how it began.


Anonymous said...

truly beautiful james.
[but didn't you get the 'dishwasher helper's name' wrong?]

I blog for exactly the same reason - diarising so as not to lose my days.

scooping it up said...

Love it! I wanted more though. I really like the pizza restaurant shot. awesome.

James said...

Sulky - Good catch. But the mistake probably accurately reflects the mistaken names I throw around here on a daily basis.

Thanks, Scoop!

Trike said...

Nicely done. Does your camera have an intervalometer on it?

Chatter said...

I have wanted to do this for so long. Fun pics!

James said...

No intervalometer on my main camera, but my iPhone has a time lapse app. One time at the old house I set up my phone to take pictures of the kitchen and family room for a whole day. It was pretty crazy to watch a whole day fly by.

I should do it again now that the kids are bigger and cause more trouble in a day...

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Great idea...that first pictures is priceless.

You got a date night...jealous.


love this. i hope to do this one day.