Apr 18, 2011


The trips to Cox Arboretum may begin again. Last week we made our first of what will be many, many visits to this beautiful park -- so glad to be getting out of the house on a regular basis again. Thank you, Spring.

Batman fan. Nature lover.

Getting too big too fast!

As Truman would say, "We're the trins."

Indiana Jameson in action.

Amelia the tree climber, preparing for her dismount.

Not the "baby" for much longer...

Who speaks for the trees?


Caroline said...

Lovely pix. Amelia's t-shirt is, well, so Amelia! :)

How's Baby Tiny cookin'?

Anonymous said...

So cute:)


Charity Donovan said...

AMAZING photos James...truly! Well done! Hello...when did Amelia become a teenager!?!?! She looks so grown up all the sudden! Wow! "trins"...that's greatness!

Chatter said...

Why do they have to grow up so fast? Please tell them to slow down until I make it to visit!

James said...

That's the shirt that Amelia thinks says "Maya way or the highway."

I think she's aged several years in the last few weeks. It's shattering my world, big time.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Great pictures! I love the mid-air jump!