Apr 13, 2011

Do You Love Me?

Every couple of days, out of the blue, Amelia will ask me, "Do you love me?" She doesn't seem to ask out of concern or as if she's in need of reassurance. But she does always look me in the eyes. It's funny and strange. None of the other kids have ever asked me even once. I think she likes to see my response. When she asks, you can see just the faintest sign of a smile about to creep across her face, as if she's up to something. Amelia is my wild card, for sure, so I can't even imagine what's going through her mind.

The answer is, of course, yes. More than she'll ever know -- even if she asks me for the rest of my life.


Charity Donovan said...

So sweet...great shot James!

Urchin said...

One of those precious captures. Sweet Amelia. Her and Halle will make a great duo.

Trike said...

I think she might be female. Proof will come when she interrupts a perfect afternoon with the question, " What are you thinking?"