Feb 20, 2011

What Is This?

Just saw this behemoth on the highway. It looked badass and I can only
assume it must be a military vehicle or a Transformer. Anyone know?


Trike said...

It's a Cougar. Essentially a suped-up, heavily-armored offspring of a semi-tractor and Hummer designed to withstand landmines and IEDs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it'll buy me drinks at the bar and tell me how rich it is?


James said...

It was impressive. Would loved to have gotten an up close look at it. You know, at less than 65 MPH.

Trike said...

Te National Guard armory here in Manchester has some. In case Boston invades, I guess.

...although, given the way Bostonians drive, having some of these bad boys on hand isn't such a crazy idea.