Jan 26, 2011

Sketch #3

This sketch is a self portrait. This is me from a few nights ago, working on my father-in-law's driveway, shoveling snow under a full moon in almost complete silence. I like shoveling snow at night, especially if the snow is still falling. It seems so quiet and peaceful. The only sound is the repetitive scrape of the shovel against the frozen concrete of the driveway. Even the sound of the shovel is dampened by the thick layer of snow that blankets my surroundings. I also like the sense of accomplishment that comes from slowly revealing the driveway beneath snow. It's a relaxing chore if ever there was one.

Oh yeah, and the pack of hungry wolves ready to take me down? I dunno. It felt like a wolf-like environment. And out there in all that silence, being dragged into the darkness by some stealthy carnivores seemed like the most likely end to my evening.

Yes, my mind wanders.

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