Jan 5, 2011

Holiday Pictures - Part III

And last, but not least, the extended family Christmas, one full week after the actual holiday.

Clicking on any image should take you to the Flickr photostream and a whole bunch more pictures.

Santa has come and gone. Let the mischief begin.

One of Santa's helpers.

Christmas = WRESTLING!

I said, Christmas = WRESTLING!

This was only half of the usual gang. Yikes!

Once your hair goes white, it's your patriotic duty to wear red and blue.

"Now I've got a whole year to get off the 'naughty' list."

"I'm going to stay on the 'nice' list from day one."

Someone's glad those aren't her hellions running around.

"Irish? Why do you ask?"

"Why didn't anyone tell me there was a 'naughty' list?"

And here's to many more merry Christmases!

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Chatter said...

THanks for posting these! Everyone looks SO good! Wish we could have been there. I'm hoping to make it home for the reunion this year.