Jan 5, 2011

Holiday Pictures - Part II

On Christmas day we do our own thing before heading off to my parents' house.

My dad. Behind him: a live tree with needles that live up to their namesake and a 120 lb root ball.
Let me tell you, a pleasure to drag into the house. The tree that is.

My sister begged me to post this picture.

Corey got a book on how to train Kip. Kip got that additional chin he's been wanting.

Farkle. The official game of Murphy family functions.

The Farkle arena. Friendly competition. Until Kip blows a 5,000 point lead.

"I am smiling."

Lego engineer at work.

Who falls asleep first, the kids or the adults? Clue: It's not the kids.


Trike said...

Re: Farkle. You're welcome.

James said...

Thanks. I think. Thanks also for the pig game. Jameson and Truman love that one.