Jan 21, 2011

High Stakes in the Jungle

Jameson likes to draw. I like to watch him draw. It's a great way to witness how his five year old mind works. A blank canvas and a crayon = a completely unencumbered way to express oneself.

This morning he was sitting at the kitchen table ready to make a picture. He was narrating the process to me (as he often does), which is an added bonus to me.

"I don't know what to draw."

"I think I'll make a rainbow."

"Like my rainbow?"

"I'm going to make a jackpot at the end of my rainbow."

"See the jackpot?"

"Now I need to draw some leopards to guard the jackpot."

1 comment:

Trike said...

...in case the Nazi frogmen attack, of course. Makes sense to me.