Jan 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

This past Christmas was, as it has been since we've had kids, a blur. It is a peanut brittle fueled bender that lasts for weeks. It's usually a few days into the new year when consciousness begins to emerge from the holiday fog. As blurry as it was, in many ways, Christmas was a simple affair for us this year. There was no fervent gift shopping -- we gave our kids one gift each, drew one name for an exchange on Julie's side of the family and went in on one gift for my parents on my side of the family. Plus, Julie and I started building our gift to each other months ago (and a new house is too big to wrap). Also, we technically didn't host any parties this year since we were living with the in-laws. But, despite the lack of some of the usual Christmas trappings, the little things still managed to build up enough momentum to make the holiday fly by as if it was hitched to eight tiny reindeer.

With Jameson in school, and me staying at home, I got to look forward to something that I hadn't anticipated in many, many years: Christmas break. I was definitely more excited than Jameson. To him, a day without school is a tragedy. To me, a day without school meant more time with Jameson and less time planning days around half hour trips to school, potty breaks, lunch on the road, naps in the car and rushed dinner prep. Two weeks of freedom from the daily grind made getting back into the groove a little painful. And it fanned the flames of anticipation for getting moved into the new house. (Oh to be in the new house.)

Being the shutterbug that I am, Christmas also brought a back log of several hundred photographs. That's a lot of pictures to sift through, edit, share, etc. But it's a good problem to have. Those images snagged as Christmas streaked by are now my opportunity to sit back with my coffee and a sugar cookie and finally stop and enjoy the holidays.

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