Dec 23, 2010

This Year's Big Miss

Christmas shopping for the kids this year was pretty easy.  We kept it simple.  We made one trek out to the stores and were done after a stop at Office Depot and a stop at Toys R Us.  (What?  Doesn't everyone do their kids' Christmas shopping at Office Depot?)  The Toys R Us shopping was arrogantly gratifying as I headed to the registers with only a few items in my hands as I outmaneuvered parents with as many as THREE shopping carts full of toys.  Three overflowing carts.  Unless you have enough kids to get your own TLC show, that seems a bit excessive.  But whatever... tis the season.

Now despite making some thoughtful gift selections for our family, we have one glaring FAIL on our hands.  The one thing that should be under our tree but isn't: The Angry Mob Playset.


Damn if it isn't too late to truly make this Christmas bright.  An angry mob playset.  What kid couldn't use this in their toy collection?  I don't know how many times our action figure play sessions have come to a halt because we were lacking an angry mob.  "What's that you say, Chewbacca?  Iron Man just pillaged the town and ravished Polly Pocket?  Round up the townsfolk and lets hunt down that cur!"  Oh wait.  We don't have the Angry Mob Playset.

Let's go play Chutes and Ladders instead.

So it looks like this year's Christmas is incomplete.  Thank you, John, for giving me the heads up on the Angry Mob -- there's always next year.

Oh, and if the Angry Mob isn't your thing, their website also carries such treasures as The Crazy Cat Lady action figure and the Horrified B-Movie Victims figure set.


Caroline said...

I gave Crazy Cat Lady to our Animal Cruelty Investigator. It was (accidentally) prominently displayed the next day when the reporter from WMUR (our "big" TV news channel in town) came to do a news story on hoarding.

Oops. Our bad.

Rebecca said...

I have never seen some of this stuff and I can't say that I'm a better person for it...I don't even know if I can thank you to be honest.

I can't believe people actually make money of this crap.

I can't believe people actually buy this, but I am totally into the pitchfork that weird?

James said...

Caroline, that is pure awesomeness. I mean in an unfortunate kind of awesome way.

You can't believe it, Rebecca??? That B-Movie Victims is as good as mine.