Dec 9, 2010

Thanks, Grabby and Paco!

Well, we didn't have to wait very long for snow this year. I hate waiting for snow. The whole point of living somewhere that gets cold is to enjoy the frozen white stuff. We didn't get "dumped on" yet (though I'm sure we will), but we got enough accumulation to get the kids (and dad) all fired up. It also helps that Grabby and Paco (my parents) (it's a long story) were kind enough to go out this summer and buy a house with a yard that's perfect for romping around during the winter. A good couple of acres of open property with a nice rolling hill ideally graded for toddler sledding.

Before the snow had finished falling last weekend, we had loaded up the minivan and invited ourselves over to take advantage of the wintry weather. Jameson got to work on his snow ball packing skills, Truman learned about snow angels, Amelia ate ample amounts of frozen precipitation and I got a nice workout tugging passengers down the bunny slopes. Even Darwin got some action despite the frozen FAIL of Julie and I. In the hustle to get out of the house in the morning we forgot to bring gloves and even shoes for little Darwin. Parents of the year right there. That didn't stop him though. He ventured outside with three pairs of socks on his hands and some borrowed mittens on his feet. You gotta do what you gotta do when the powder is fresh.

Just try not to smile while sledding.

Socks on the hands and mittens on the feet. My parents rock.

Enter villain stage right.


Hey Truman, see that flagpole over there?

Oh, the irony.

No two are alike.

Someone's still mad about the mitten feet...

Where's a good tauntaun when you need one?

We want more snow!


Chatter said...

These are great pictures James!! And I'm so jealous of your snow :( Thanks for sharing!

Trike said...

I have snow envy. You guys have snow, California got snow, Amarillo got snow, Florida got snow, Boston got snow, 10 minutes north of us got snow, but us? Bupkis.

Also, Truman needs to be a model. Seriously. College fund, right there.

{Staci} said...

I live in boston, and my kids have been literally praying for snow and we haven't had any yet, so don't be jealous of the wrong people Trike!

Gorgeous shots.