Nov 19, 2010

Size Matters

Taxation without representation, indeed.  The kids brought in quite the Halloween haul this year and I've had to familiarize them with the "dad tax" on their trick-or-treat bounty.  Unfortunately for them, since I made their costumes and took them on their beggar's night rounds, they fall into a very high tax bracket.  Current tax legislation also applies the "dad tax" to Easter baskets, ice cream cones, bowls of popcorn and, of course, McDonald's french fries.  Sure it sounds like an onerous burden, but c'mon, those piggy back rides and really high pushes on the swings aren't going to pay for themselves.

Freedom isn't free, baby.

Regrettably, it doesn't look like tax rates will be easing any time soon.  Have you seen the atrocities that are being passed off as "fun size" candy these days?  It's a joke. They're an abomination.  The Great Pumpkin must be rolling over in his patch.  And who pays for these crimes?  The children.  I have to dip into their candy bowls dozens of times a day just to keep my blood sugar up.  The kids are left with little else than Tootsie Rolls and marshmallow peanuts.  Maybe a half-melted Jolly Rancher if they're lucky.

I have a feeling things are only going to get worse.

Based on current trends, this will be a "fun size" Snickers in the year 2018.


Urchin said...

Very good post James, I got a good chuckle here at the end of my day. And have you also noticed the 16 oz bag is now a mere 13 oz, with a higher price tag?!? Highway robbery it is.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

There's nothing FUN about the size of those things, James!