Nov 4, 2010

Justice League

Following the lead of the big brother of the fam, our crew was transformed into a few superheroes (and one super-villain) for Halloween this year.

Jameson decided months ago that he would be trick-or-treating as Batman.  But not just any Batman... LEGO Batman.  It was hilarious to watch him explain to many an unwitting adult that he was not regular Batman while nearly every boy aged 5 and up immediately recognized him as the little plastic caped crusader from the excellent LEGO Batman video game.  He even evoked some serious envy from a couple of older boys who gave their mom a disappointed glance while wearing their homemade costumes of plain old LEGO blocks.  And on at least one occasion, a youngish husband jumped in on Jameson's behalf when the youngish wife misspoke.  "Aww, what a cute Batman you are."  "Honey, he's actually LEGO Batman.  Nice costume, dude."

Prior to the actual night of trick-or-treating, Truman seemed only marginally interested in this supposed upcoming holiday.  Halloween?  Never heard of it.  Seeming to just want to go with the flow, he took a cue from Jameson and opted for a Superman costume.  Despite his apparent lack of enthusiasm leading up to the big night, Truman turned out to be the most enthusiastic trick-or-treater I've ever seen.  As if shocked back to lucidity with a heavy dose of caramel dipped smelling salts, Truman suddenly became a sweets seeking T-800 that would stop at nothing to fill his candy bag.  Since then, he asks at least once a day to go trick-or-treating.

With the superhero theme setting in, Amelia simply had to take on the role as the Joker.  The hair. The attitude.  The cunning.  It was a casting no-brainer.  She relished the opportunity.  She was willing to accept time in the makeup chair and she had the Heath Ledger stare down pat.  Those who know her well understood a fairy or princess costume simply wouldn't do.

And then of course Darwin.  Our little Robin.  Though lacking the proper yellow cape, I think he pulled off the Boy Wonder quite well.

We went with homemade costumes for all but Truman.  At first I didn't think that not making Truman's costume would matter since we already had a Superman outfit on hand. Later I felt bad because the costume making became a big deal and Jameson and Amelia were very excited about the process.  Now that Truman "gets" Halloween, his costume will have to be top priority next year.

I'm a proponent of making costumes when possible.  I really like the challenge of deciding on a costume and then trying to figure out a way to pull it off.  That's pure enjoyment for me.  It also got the kids much more interested in the idea of dressing up for the holiday. Jameson's outfit was fashioned from a Target diaper box and some discounted fabric.  My mom put some sewing skills to work on Amelia's Joker jacket.  And even Darwin's little get up required some dark t-shirt iron-on transfer printer paper.  (By the way, dark t-shirt iron-on transfer printer paper is, besides a mouthful, the best thing ever.  Seriously.  I've used it for so many projects with the kids.  And maybe even one for myself.)  I drew the Batman and Robin logos and details using free software at  The files are linked at the bottom of this post and you're welcome to use them if you have a need to create your own Dynamic Duo.

Halloween rocks.  Can't wait for next year.  Jameson says he's already decided on Harry Potter as his costume. Don't worry Truman and Amelia -- this doesn't mean you have to be Hermione and Ron. But boy, wouldn't Darwin make a cute Hedwig?

Oh, and by the way, Target already had their Christmas wares on display yesterday.

The Gray Plastic Knight

Little known power: The Super Sneeze

Little effort required to get in character.

Ready and willing to soil a diaper in the name of justice.

"Batman never lets me go on the fun missions."

The showdown.

Free Batman and Robin iron-on logos.  Don't say I never gave you anything!
Robin Logo.egg by mightydeez on Aviary
Robin Logo.egg by James on Aviary

Bat Symbol.egg by mightydeez on Aviary
Bat Symbol.egg by James on Aviary


Anonymous said...

Those costumes were outstanding!!!

Charity Donovan said...

Sooooo freakin' awesome!

That LEGO stuff is HARD to find...Aidan wanted a Lego Star Wars B-day party...invitations were easy enough but nothing else! You did an incredible job!

LiLu said...

They all look great! And BEYOND adorable.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What awesome costumes! And great pics, to be expected. :)

James said...

The costumes were fun to make. I just hope I haven't set their expectations too high so soon!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

Excellent costumes, James!
I especially love your banner photo.
Fantastic POV!