Nov 29, 2010

Construction Crew

Aunt Regina gave the kids a gingerbread house kit on Thanksgiving.  The next 18 hours included a near continuous barrage of pleas of "Can we build the gingerbread house, yet?"  I think Jameson even mentioned it in his sleep a few times.  As much as I wanted to introduce the kids to the world of government bureaucracy and make them get the usual permits, site inspections and utility requests, I went ahead and let them get to work this weekend.  The results were pretty much what I expected from a crew that specializes in finger licking and gumdrop sampling.

As it turns out, this construction team also dabbles in demolition. Now I have the pleasure of a near continuous barrage of pleas of "Can we eat the gingerbread house, yet?"

So pristine.  For now.

Passed the "smell test."

Three heads are better than one?

Measure twice, cut once.

You've got a funny look in your eye, Truman...

There are at least a dozen code violations here.


Trike said...

Looks like the same build quality as our house in Cincinnati, but twice as delicious. (Maybe just one-and-a-half times. Mm-mm, lead paint.)

Caroline said...

I like the gumballs trapped in "icicles" over on the left eave that are defying the laws of gravity. Neat!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

Do you lock it up at night?
I bet those kids wake up pretty early!
Please send me the entire side panel.
(ps. Truman's lips are so funny in that one shot. Like he's imagining just how great that roof is going to taste!)

Kirst said...

Your blog makes me hungry