Oct 13, 2010

Are Nocturnal Emissions Normal?

As everyone knows, Fall is the best season.  I've been trying to capture some of it's awesomeness in photographs.

I really like this one.  Not because it captures the essence of Fall.  It doesn't do that.  No, I like this one because it looks like it could be the cover of an early 1970s book about puberty.  I'm sure some school district somewhere was distributing such a book with cheesy back-lit leaves throughout most of that decade.


Rebecca said...

You are demented. I had to teach sex ed to a bunch of inner city 5th graders one time and we got to "nocturnal emissions" and one of them stands up like he had just finished signing the Declaration of Independence and exclaims, "Oh!!! That's what that is???"

Thanks for bringing that little memory back to the forefront!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

They are disturbingly similar images.
Obviously you have been scarred for life.

Tonya said...

LOL had to laugh at the 1970s book on puberty! lol