Aug 16, 2010

Photography Gig

I landed my first paying photography assignment a few weeks ago.  Yes, the client was my sister.  And yes, she got a steep family discount.  But, hey, a paid gig is a paid gig.  The subject was my three year old nephew and my sister was pretty happy with the results.  I was happy with the results, too, and have raised my expectations for mastering this whole photography thing.

(Click any of the images to see more of the gallery.)

A little tired by the end of the shoot...

Jameson got to come along as my assistant.  He did great and he was a bargain as I only had to pay him with a chocolate milkshake.  I also got to snap a few photos of him while we were out.


Caroline said...

I like the fact that you have the DA watermark so that sneaky Amanda can't steal extra copies without paying for them. :-)

Charity Donovan said...

These are great!! =)

Mander said...

BTW-I can vouch that the pictures are amazing!
Caroline-he already gave me the CD with all the pictures so if anyone wants copies lemme know!
And to also vouch to how amazing they are, a girl at work is already trying to figure out a date to book him!
Thank you sooo much James! I LOVE THEM!! Wish I had some what of an artistic gene in me...I guess I got the "good looks" instead!

Chatter said...

Great shots James!!! Although you had a couple of easy subjects in your favor :). Andersen is getting SO big and adorable as ever. His hair is so cute!!!

Chatter said...

p.s. can you book us a session for labor day weekend please!