Aug 10, 2010

One Tooth

Do you know how I know that the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky? If it was invented anywhere else, they would have called it a teethbrush.

Darwin continues to sail his own course despite three older siblings eagerly leading the way ahead of him. Darwin is so full of personality that it's sometimes easy to forget he hasn't even reached his first birthday. His sense of humor is already quite apparent and he's actively carving out his own niche in a family full of distinctive personalities.  He's even taken his different drum beat march to a biological level as he's waited until his eleventh month to sprout his first tooth -- far later than any of his siblings, even the twins who were born over a month early.  The best part, though, is his choice of tooth.  Unlike Jameson, Truman and Amelia, who each began their dental journey with a pair of lower chompers, Darwin has decided to push out one big single tooth on top.  If you didn't already want to pinch the hell out of his cheeks, his new cartoonish baby grin makes him damned near irresistible.  And he'd better get another tooth soon, or his new (very original) nickname of "One Tooth" just might stick.


Rebecca said...

So cute! Poor Kentucky...people are always make fun of it!

Jamie said...

What a cute smile...I am thinking this photo makes my day.

James said...

Makes my day, everyday.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What precious pictures! I was just looking at our girls' pictures from when they were 7 months old. Baby A had the lone tooth between the girls. It's hard to imagine them now without a full mouth.

And by the way, I live in Kentucky (although I'm not from here), and I'll agree with you on the toothbrush comment. I'm originally from Alabama - God's Country - and just you don't go messin' around with that, now. Just look to the west...thank goodness for Mississippi, as we like to say. :)