Aug 23, 2010

His Mexican Half

I'll have the Blazin' please.
A few weeks ago we were at our favorite family breakfast spot, First Watch.  It's a regular morning hangout of ours -- the kids know most of the waiters and waitresses and they know us.  Eating out with four kids younger than age five can sometimes be tough, so it's nice to have this routine with which the kids are very familiar.  They know what's expected and what to expect, so things usually go pretty smoothly.

As with many breakfast spots, the tables here are adorned with a temple of sugars, creamers, jellies and other condiments.  Not surprisingly, these food flavoring shrines draw a lot of attention from the kids.  On this particular visit, Truman was inhaling his food as usual, but was also insistent on grabbing the hot sauce from the middle of the table and begging us to add some to his plate.  Eventually I indulged him and poured a small pool on his plate to let him experiment.  With his demands finally satisfied, Truman proceeded to take a piece of his ham and slather it in his hot sauce.  Confidently, yet cautiously, he raised the piece to his mouth.  Sticking out just the very tip of his tongue he sampled his new spicy dipping sauce.  After a few moments of savory contemplation, he blew on the piece of ham (as if it's temperature were too hot) and then popped the whole thing in his mouth.  He continued to finish all of his ham, coating each piece in hot sauce.

I love hot sauce, but I was more than a little surprised that Truman, at two years old, would find it palatable.  Still, I assumed this was just a fluke event on a random morning out for breakfast.  Or so I thought until I made a hotdog for Truman at lunch one day and he demanded hot sauce as an accompaniment.  I checked and double checked to make sure it wasn't catsup that he actually wanted.  "No.  I want hot sauce."

So he polished off a hotdog with hot sauce.

Maybe it's time he and I paid a visit to B-Dubs.


Anonymous said...

That picture looks just like Uncle Kippy

James said...

He's a lot like uncle Kippy.