Jul 23, 2010

North of Hummer Lane?

I pass this street sign nearly every day.  I know of no such bird by this name.  And a Google search turns up no meanings other than the obvious one.

I say it's the work of a developer or city planner with a sense of humor.  Julie says it's insignificant.

Judge for yourself.

I'm telling you, honey, this is where the GPS says to turn.


Charity Donovan said...

OMG...seriously??? There is probably some poor unsuspecting old lady living at 69 Beejay! I mean for real...that is too much!

Suzanne said...

freaking hilarious! (i'm a friend of charity's)...and what's even MORE hilarious?...the fact that this post is labeled: "awesomeness"

pure awesomeness!

cake. said...

i chuckled.

Trike said...

This is the truck to drive on that road:

James said...

I've driven past this street for a decade and never noticed it until a couple of months ago.

Doug - One of the best vanity plates ever.