Jul 20, 2010

Best Thing Ever

We recently had our family reunion picnic.  The night before, I ran out to the store to pick up some magical product I'd recently heard about.  They're called Puddle Jumpers and everyone on the internet has been raving about them.  They get talked about in parenting circles like hangover remedies get talked about by college students.  People swear by them.  So, of course, I was a little bit skeptical.  When I actually went out to buy them, though, I was encouraged by the fact that I had to go to four different stores to find a total of three Puddle Jumpers.  I mean, they couldn't be all hype if they were actually sold out everywhere.

Well, we tried them out.  And now I swear by them.

Puddle Jumpers are the shit.  They're like water wings from the future.  I slapped a Puddle Jumper on each of the three oldest kids, threw them in the pool and when I came back several hours later they were all still alive.  Success.

They officially have my seal of approval.

The rest of the family reunion picnic was fun, but nothing like those magical few hours at the pool.

Go for it, dude -- you're wearing a Puddle Jumper.  And killer goggles.


The real magic of Puddle Jumpers?  Warn out as hell kids.

And a random photo of cousin Trent on a giant steel bug.  Whatever.
Apparently teenage boys never pass up the opportunity to pretend they have giant steel testicles.


alexis said...

We too love our puddle jumpers but if Cooper saw that shark one there would be know way he would ever wear the lame fish one his mom bought him ever again.

Charity Donovan said...

I know man...PJ are nothing short of freakin' awesome! But now I'm thinking steel testicles is the rave of the future!

Trike said...

Jameson looks like a superhero: Waterboy!

James said...

He felt like a superhero, too.