Jun 16, 2010

Why Don't I Own this Already?

OK, let's forget the neckties and cologne this year and get us dads something we can really use.  Like beer holsters.  With freakin' leg straps.  Actually, get me two -- one for each leg.  However, if you insist on getting me something on the more sensible and practical side (Mom) I could always go for a magnetic wristband -- the perfect companion for hanging new blinds on all your windows.  And while the last time I actually needed to wear cufflinks was at my own wedding, if I did indeed need to sport some again, I think I would go with something out of this collection.  With a pair of locket cufflinks I'd have just enough photo spots for each of my four kids.

All these non-lame Father's Day gifts and more are brought to you today by the fine folks over at RedEnvelope.  If you were planning on buying anything with "#1 Dad" silk screened on it, I suggest you visit their website instead.


Trike said...

I said DRINK, pardner!

What are ya, yella?

James said...

Sclerosis of the liver at ten paces!