Jun 30, 2010

Thank Heaven for the Park

Life can be stressful.  Especially with four young kids.  Especially when you're trying to build a new house.  Especially when you're living with your in-laws.  Especially when you're a stay at home parent.

In reality, these are very good circumstances in which to find oneself.  But it can be stressful nonetheless.

There is, however, one place where all that stress disappears.  The park.

Specifically, the park near our current, temporary residence.  It has become my sanctuary.  At the park, there are no toys to fight over.  There are no meals to prepare.  There are no bills to pay.  There are no towering piles of laundry.  There are no decisions to be made.  There are no in-laws to bump elbows with.  There are no rivalries.  There are no confines.

But there is a bench where I can actually sit down for more than a minute at a time.  It's heaven.

And it's where I chose to spend Fathers Day this year.


Chatter said...

Great pics James!! Happy belated father's day! Sorry we'll miss the reunion but see ya in Sept!!

LiLu said...

You kill me with the cute, every time.

And I love it.