Jun 2, 2010

Tennessee - A 3 Part Miniseries (3)

A photographic recap of our family trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Part 1 - Cabin Life

Part 2 - Gatlinburg

Part 3 - The Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg is nice, but where we spent most of our time was hiking in Smoky Mountain National Park. What a great park. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's well designed and managed. The natural features are diverse and awe-inspiring. There are trails for everyone from toddlers to hardcore hikers. It's no wonder it's the most visited national park in America.

The first day we hiked along a gorgeous mountain stream to a neat little waterfall.

PICT8549It was a very kid friendly trail and tossing stones in the water was quite popular. Each morning after this, Truman woke up chanting, "I got togo throw the rocks!"

PICT8512 A rare mountain wood faerie. Or imp. I get confused.

PICT8525Jameson insisted on being photographed as if he was an explorer who discovered this waterfall.

PICT8561Are you still considered a hiker if your feet never touch the ground?

PICT8786Our second, more ambitious, day of hiking took us much higher into the mountains. Um, breathtaking?

PICT8798This was the easy part of the trail.

PICT8818Luckily we had an experienced guide with us.

PICT8796The kids were excellent. Especially the one that got to ride the whole way strapped to my chest.

PICT8813Gotta stop for sammiches along the way.

PICT8819Like Nike always says, "If you're going to get eaten by a bear, look good doing it." Kip and Corey, the world's best dressed hikers, are now affectionately known as Todd and Margo.

PICT8838Doug and Caroline - We were going to hike up to New Hampshire to see you, but we weren't sure if we had packed enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing all the great photos. looks like you guys had a great time in tn. also, i can't believe how much older all the kids look...so crazy

Caroline said...

Flimsy excuse for not coming, James - couldn't you have eaten berries or roots or something?

I love the fact that Jameson's "serious look" involves buttoning his shirt all the way to the top.

Anonymous said...

I was busy that day anyway.

~ Doug

Hoolie said...

How did I get so lucky?

my name is Amanda said...

Excellent photography of your adorable family - and nature - throughout all the posts in this series!