Jun 15, 2010

Gone Baby Gone!

Darwin enjoying spaghetti dinner with his big brother and sister. And
the last baby was no more.


Trike said...

Now I'm hungry.

Charity Donovan said...

1, 1, 1 cuz you left me....and 2, 2, 2 for my spaghetti (I mean family!)

Anonymous said...

Wow he's getting so big. He's going to be huge by labor day.


Caroline said...

Labor Day - is that an international baby-measuring milestone date? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey James.
I was thinking of your kids yesterday [not in a creepy, "I know where you live, little childrens.. mwahaha" kind of a way]

There are some great kids books here in Australia with Aussie kids rhymes in them.. thought your kids might like them..


James said...

Doesn't everyone measure their babies on Labor Day?

Sulky - Thanks for the cool link. My kids would absolutely like them. Sounds like they're something traditional to Australia?